• Sapho Rayon Capri


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    Really there is no finer looking pant on a woman than this one . . . and from what I've been told, there's no more comfortable one either. It's made with a beautiful yoked waist slightly scooped in the front and with a loose luxurious drape that falls from the hip with just enough volume so as to not get in the way. Technically speaking, this rayon Lycra is really impressive, with wear characteristics that almost rival our invincible cotton Lycra. Since there's no polyester, there is no ugly pilling to spoil the happy lives of these beautiful capris. (CG)

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    92% rayon 8% lycra jersey   |   machine wash cold, hang dry

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  • Sapho Rayon Capri
  • Sapho Rayon Capri
  • Sapho Rayon Capri

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