The Grannies

Yes, there really is a granny sewing force at Verve. More
than ninety percent of all Verve clothing is made by one of these four women working in their homes. Many of them left their own countries because of war or its aftermath and made their way to the US years ago. At that time there were a lot of sewing jobs for them in the states. What are now big companies in the outdoor world, like Lowe Alpine Systems, were smaller then and kept their manufacturing local. With changes in scale, priorities, and the economy most of that manufacturing moved overseas, leaving these highly skilled dedicated women with little or no means of making a living. One by one these grannies found Verve and have continued to impart their great experience and love to our company. In many ways they are one of the best expressions of what Verve is all about. They are a big part of the flesh and blood of our very authentic company and help keep it grounded not only in quality but also in humanity. *We ask all of our grannies to sign their work. To see who made your piece flip the "care label" over and look for their initials.