The very construction of a Verve garment reflects that will toward perfection--crafted and burnished.  Designed with respect for the possibilities of the human body...ALL the possibilities!  That is perhaps my favorite testimony to Verve products: I have watched not only my customers, but also myself, reach for Verve through every incarnation of our lives so far...for hard rock routes and far flung boulder dates and long work days...time on the mat and in the much travel...too little travel...pregnancy...and repeat...

--Mattie Hong, Teton Mountaineering, Jackson, WY

I admire Christian for sticking to his ideas and style for such a long period, and I'm not only speaking about Verve: it's more than only function driven design, I also sense a touch of lifestyle, culture and art, and that makes it in my opinion so unique, the only true and authentic climbing apparel...

--Heinz Mariacher, Scarpa Inc., Trento, Italy

What does it mean that Verve's founder, chief designer, and sometimes secretary, Christian Griffith, put up a number of classic hard rock climbs?  Well, think of it this way: while the ubiquitous giant "outdoor" companies are consolidating, firing employees, and hiring their next designers and poster athletes in their efforts to reign supreme over the outdoor world, Christian is concise, firing up his fierce imagination, and continuing to revel in the small, energy-filled world that he helped create.  A classic stands the test of time because its truths remain revealing and indelible.  Verve is truly a modern classic.

--Richard Gottlieb, Rock and Snow, New Paltz, NY

It is a great pleasure for me to tell few words to you for the Verve twentieth birthday.  I am not a strong climber, but my favorite activities are climbing and running.  Christian offered me the first Verve clothes.  Since this time, I always wear these clothes when I climb.  I like their cut, the material and practical details.  I never get tired of meeting Christian when I go to the show in Salt Lake City.

--Paul Petzl, Found and President, Petzl Inc., Crolles, France

Christian Griffith came onto the climbing scene of my former hometown of Boulder with passion, natural skill and determined focus, and an artist's eye and mind to envision beautiful routes in ways and places that no one before him had seen.  He did it with flair, spirit and an irreverent iconoclasm that captured the spirit of where the sport of climbing was then going.  This was and remains the same artistic mindset that Christian uses to create his inspired climbing/body movement line of clothing called Verve.  Beginning 20 years ago with a paradigm changing and absolutely beautiful chalk bag, Verve has remained an artistic manifestation that is the focus of Christian's creative and artistic approach to life, his iconoclastic personality, and love for climbing and the beauty of its athleticism.  May Christian and Verve continue to inspire, in their independent manner, for another 20 years.

--Peter Metcalf, Black Diamond Co-founder and President, Salt Lake City, UT

It is great to hear that you have been growing Verve for the last 20 years on the tough/big waved ocean with solid gut, passion, imagination, innovation by artistic style.  Most of business people did compromised due to the business or market, but you just have been presenting your dream and your energy and keep your spirit pure like climbing.  It is wonderful and very few people manage it.

--Naoe Sakashita, Lost Arros Ltd., Saitama, Japan