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    The Yojimbo is a personal expression of one of my favorite eras in climbing; sport climbing in the mid nineties. The cut is all about function and economy; from the slim waist that lies smooth under a harness, to the slight volume in the thigh. This volume allows good air circulation, and tapers below the knee to a point just under the trademark saber stripe. This pant is a finely tuned machine. Recently this pant has garnered a new following of dedicated yoga practitioners. Because of the subtlety of their practice, these new Yojimbo fans very quickly point out details that their climbing brethren often miss. A cut that allows them to move their legs "without a catch" and the sleekness at the waist and knee that help refine alignment are the key ingredients, they say, that make the Yojimbo so perfect for their Yoga. (CG)

    87% supima cotton 13% lycra jersey   |   machine wash cold, hang dry

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    Product specs (approximate*):

    S M L XL
    Inseam 19.5 in 21 in 21.5 in 23 in
    Front Rise 10.5 in 11.5-12 in 13 in 14 in


    *there can be slight variability to product dimensions since they are sown one at a time by our seamstresses, not mass produced

  • Yojimbo Pant
  • Yojimbo Pant
  • Yojimbo Pant
  • Yojimbo Pant

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